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Monday, March 10, 2008


HAIL - Homeschool Alliance for Iowa Learners is hosting a legislative
action meeting in Cedar Rapids.

Thursday, March 13 - 2008
Beems Auditorium
Cedar Rapids Public Library

This meeting is open to all homeschoolers. Come and find out how HAIL is
working to get recognition for Iowa Homeschoolers at the State Capitol
and how you can make your own voice count. With recent legislation
activity in Iowa it's more important than ever that Iowa Homeschoolers
band together to get competent and positive representation.

There will be a presentation by Andrea Ferrier explaining why bills HSB
527/SSB 3011 can still cause trouble, even though they have died in

Following Andrea's presentation, Katy Diltz and Ed Dickerson will
introduce HAIL and how all Iowa Homeschoolers can work together to keep
the Iowa Legislature informed about homeschooling needs in Iowa.

Please fwd this to anyone you think might be interested.

Katy Diltz
Chairperson - HAIL - The Voice of Iowa Homeschoolers

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